Injection moulding of plastic products & Ezee Flow™ plastic ball valves and fittings.

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Plastic Ball Valves and Fittings / Custom Plastic Products

Locally Manufactured, High Quality Plastic Moulded Products

Our injection moulding plant is situated in Meadowdale, Johannesburg and converts a wide range of thermoplastic resins, from general purpose types, such as Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (HDPE / LDPE) and ABS., to engineering types, such as Acetal (POM), Nylon (PA) and Polycarbonate (PC).

Moulding from as little as 0.5g, up to over 2kg shot weight

Plastinternational has a wide array of plastic injection moulding machines in its production facilities, which range in tonnage from 20t clamping force to 450t, enabling the company to offer moulding from as little as 0.5g shot weight, up to over 2kg shot weight.

Custom Moulding

Custom Injection Moulded Products

Need to manufacture custom plastic products but don't know how to begin? We provide a complete line of custom plastic moulding services including conceptualization, design, production, and quality control

plastic ball valves

EzeeFlow ™ Ball Valves & Fittings

EzeeFlowTM is the only plastic ball valve in South Africa that meets SANS 16135 specifications. Because it's made from plastic, it won't rust or corrode like metal

Complete Custom Moulding Service from Start to Finish

Need to manufacture custom plastic products but don't know how to begin? We provide a complete line of custom plastic moulding services including conceptualization, design, production, and quality control.

Efficient Plastics Manufacturing

Plastics have always been a high-tech industry, which is why we've recently updated our facilities with modern, energy-efficient tooling equipment. Plastinternational uses less energy and generates less waste without sacrificing quality. In fact, we're able to manufacture your products faster than ever before!

Quick Turnaround

You don't have to import custom made plastic products we offer European - quality manufacturing at significant cost savings to you. Our custom plastic injection moulding equipment can quickly produce thousands of units in less time than it takes to order them from a retailer or supplier.

Custom Plastic Products

Our custom plastic injection moulding equipment can manufacture custom plastic products of any shape or size. These are just a few of the many products we can create for your business:

Custom moulded plastic products
custom moulded products
custom mouldings
custom injection moulding

Swimming Pool Equipment

We manufacture pool equipment such as filtration systems, water testing kits, and plumbing. Plastic won't rust or corrode, and your pools will be worry-free for decades to come.

Electronic Security Products

Our plastic remotes, control boxes, and antennas are tamper-resistant, and they'll survive extreme weather, so security systems will continue functioning under the worst conditions.

Conveyor Systems

Plastinternational provides rugged material handling components, which are perfect for moving everything from materials to food.

Plastic Injection Moulding Company

Plastic Valves Manufacturer

EzeeFlow ™ is the only plastic ball valve in South Africa that meets SANS 16135:2009 specifications. As it's made from plastic, it won't rust or corrode like its metal counterparts and will continue to work like new for many years after you install it.

ball valves
plastic vavles
plastic ball valves
plastic ball valves

High Pressure Valve Applications

Factory tested up to 30 bar, our plastic ball valves can withstand extreme pressures for any industrial application. At Plastinternational, we believe that every product we sell should exceed your expectations, and that philosophy has helped us become one of the largest ball valve suppliers in South Africa.

Easy to Install Plastic Valves and Fittings

Plastic valves and fittings have many advantages compared to their metal counterparts: they are cheaper, won't corrode, and simple to install. Good quality brass ball valves and fittings are expensive and a prime target for theft as they carry a high scrap value. Our high pressure plastic valves and fittings cost far less than brass and as they have zero scrap value, there's no incentive for a thief to break up your plumbing.

Plastic Valves

Our high pressure ball valves come in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch sizes. They're colour-coded for different applications, so you'll always know which valve you need for the job.

1/2 Inch Ball-o-Stop

Like all of our plastic ball valves, our 1/2 inch Ball-o-Stop shut off valve is completely corrosion-resistant, and we guarantee that you won't have any trouble turning off your water supply when you need to upgrade or repair your plumbing.


Even though we're one of the largest ball valve suppliers in South Africa, we sell a variety of other products including fittings for our valves. With 90 degree bend and equal tee fittings, you'll be able to install your new valves in tight locations with multiple pipes.

Plastic Ball Valves

Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition is the provisioning of quality service to our clients leading to: ' Tangible Savings ' Increased Revenue ' Impeccable Quality This ability is supported by an established business with over 44 years of experience

Our Differentiator

Plastinternational (Pty) Ltd has over 44 years experience in the local Plastic Industry. In 2008, brothers, Rene and Pierre Lategan acquired shares in Plastinternational and with this merger comes a truly "end to end" plastics offering. Within our group, we are now able to offer: Injection Moulding Rotational Moulding Extrusion Full assembly lines We are proud to have highly skilled staff and have an excellent record of staff retention with many of our staff having been in the business in excess of twenty years. We continually train our staff and are always looking for ways to make them more efficient and proficient in their work.






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29 Bell Street Meadowdale, South Africa

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